Antivirus is a software program that is designed to provide internet users excellent protection against web related threats. It is designed to search, detect, identify, and remove malware programs also known as viruses and other types of malicious software like Trojans, worms and adware.

Work on your desktop computer or laptop without any fear. Install a powerful antivirus today. Antivirus, as the name suggests, are powerful software programs that provide superior level of protection to users against computer based and web related threats.

Efficient and powerful antivirus programs provide excellent protection against viruses and keeps hackers at bay. By installing an antivirus, you can surf the internet freely, and download files with ease without worrying about viruses from infecting your system.

An antivirus can help you initiate system scans automatically, remove malicious programs from your system before they do any damage, notify you of their presence in you system, and more.

• Types of


Cloud-Based Antivirus Software

This type of antivirus is very powerful and analyzes data in the cloud, and finally sends the necessary command to the computer, this antivirus software has two parts, one of which is the client that is installed on the computer and the other part is the web service, each of which has its own tasks.

Security Software Suites

This type can actually go far beyond anti-virus programs, and in addition to being able to scan all viruses, they have more capabilities that can greatly secure your system, one of the features of this type is that it has parental control programs, which causes a large number of parents who are worried about their children to get help from this type.

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